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In the post-industrial age, information transfer has become the new commerce, servers have become the ports and the digitally readable data of the individual and of the machine has become the currency.
With each choice of classification, the selection of each binary, a potential otherness is excluded, the subjective becomes the objective and the signifier and signified collapse onto each other.
What is left behind when classification collapses the indivdual into a series of data points? What has driven the classification schema that already underpin our interactions?
Twitter has become the predominant media stream for cultural, current affairs and personal information. By limiting each comment to 140 characters individual tweets contain both an immediacy of response and clarity of sentiment. Twitter has become a public conversation about our daily activities, opinions and feelings, an immutable stream of a collective conscious.

Chatter is a mixed media sculpture and audio piece that explores our relationship with data, information and privacy. By disrupting the intangible nature of the electronic conversation Chatter aims to encourage viewers to confront the nature of online communication and the materiality of the uttered word. In creating the dual representations of audio and print, the piece aims to highlight the duality of the digital world, which is at once transient and enduring.

Selected showcase of emerging talent.
Anthroposcene was commissioned by Le Cool Dublin for the Le Cool Compound as part of Science Week 2013. Anthroposcene was an interactive video installation developed in conjunction with Brian Kenny. A cover for Le Cool issue #207 was made as a companion piece to the installation.
Anthroposcene explored the chaotic nature of natural systems and the wide reaching implications of unitary action within a connected network.
context structure
context structure was an exhibition of photography by tom o'dea at The Market House
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Field by Lightscape is a site-specific video mapping and light installation commissioned by Gallery 126 and the Galway Arts Festival. The realisation of the project was a collaborative process between designers and programmers Brian Kenny, Mick Murray and Tom O'Dea.
Absolut Originality
Absolut Originality was a collaboration with creative director Aisling Farinella, fashion designer Danielle Romeril, filmmaker Jamie Delaney, illustrator Chrissie Abbot and video artist Brian Kenny. The piece included an interactive projection mapped dress that allowed members of the public to create patterns based on the work of over the other artists.
Stylus Wars was commissioned by OFFSET 2014 as an interactive drawing game for speakers and delegates at the OFFSET conference. Two custom controllers were made using motion detectors, cardboard and playdoh. Participants could draw onscreen using hand gestures in the air above the controller.
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twitvid is an adaptable and moderated client for incorporating live twitter text and images into live production video. Twitvid can be incorporated into most visual software programs and can be moderated remotely on any device.
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some bits of video from various projects

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